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Welcome to Vaibhav Geo Spatial Technology


Until recently, researchers interested in analyzing fire risks would be hard-pressed to work on a scale that can account for differences between one homeowner’s property and another’s. But the new Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF) allows researchers to do just that.

Layers of data are integrated to give researchers a nuanced understanding of how landscape features, city infrastructure, and built structures correlate with parcel-specific fire risks.

By combining remote sensing and spatial analysis tools that make such data-rich visualizations possible, the GIF vastly increases the possibilities for students and scientists.

What’s best, the technology can be applied in many fields, from agriculture to public health to wildlife conservation. Not only is the facility home to cutting-edge technologies, it is also a training facility for researchers and students new to the exploding field of geospatial imaging.

Geospatial technology is increasingly applied in organizations today for its information-rich and highly visual interface that enables real-time business decisions.

Our Technology


We provide software for mapping and modelling. The MapInfo GIS Suite lets you create, access and manage geospatial assets, visualise business intelligence and customer data, and share high-quality interactive maps – quickly and easily.

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Cerate the Trust works to enhance and re-establish the native.


The power to give our customer to the see the GIS

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